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Streak Calculator

I have many methods to calculate these type of streak problems, some including very accurate approximations and one using Excel (or a spreadsheet) that even a 10 year old can do! Yeah!! They coming soon.
New home is ready.

last update: March 17, 2018

Here are links NOT to visit as these calculators have errors in them still.

they are close, maybe, how close do you wants?

there are 2 I found that works very well and accurate.
The 1st rounds to 2 places for accuracy streak calculator

WolframAlhpa does this also, Some large calculations will time out. WolframAlhpa
one can add p=0.55 to the end as an example where p is not = 0.50

try run 2 in 4 flips at 50% success
then try run 5 in 20 flips. success = 0.2498703
then try run of 5 in 100 flips, success = 0.810109599